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Those who have been aquatinted with me will tell you that, I am a lover of all things glamorous and beautiful.

Lashes with Love was founded on that basis, and on the sentiment that if something is done for another with Love, the results will always be astonishing.

I could think of nothing more exciting than to spend my days accentuating a woman’s natural beauty and creating alluring glances

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Lashes with Love, brings you Semi permanent Lash extensions made from luxurious synthetic hairs that are hand glue bonded individually and directly onto your existing eyelashes.

The eyelash extensions come in different lengths, thicknesses and curls resulting in different looks and styles that are easily customizable.

You can achieve an enhanced natural eye or amaze with a dramatic lash look. Your natural lash line can be increased in volume and length by 400%.

Goodbye Mascara ..


The entire lash extension process usually takes approximately between an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the design you are trying to achieve.

The pain free eyelash process consists of the Lash technician isolating each natural lash, before the extension is applied, which maintains the natural health of your own eyelashes.

The extensions will fallout naturally as your own lashes usually do, you will however require a touch up appointment after 3 to 4 weeks if your lashes are maintained correctly, if left for longer you may require a new set of lashes depending on how many lashes are needed to be replaced.


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